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                            Or our sectary Chris on 01752 344048 or


For new members we provide the following information :-

All walks will take place as advertised in the programme even if the weather looks poor.It will be up to the walk leader on the day to decide on whether to proceed with the walk or provide an alternative.

All leaders are responsible for the safety of the group and a "back marker" will be responsible for keeping the group together.Leaders will have a mobile phone or access to one and also a first aid kit.

Members and guests have to do their part as far as safety on walks is concerned.Please ensure you have suitable clothing.We suggest you wear clothes suitable for the time of the year,in winter-waterproofs,jumper,boots and a hat.In summer- lighter clothes but you still need waterproofs and stout footwear.Please remember wearing shorts can be hazardous in stinging nettle country.

Carry some food and drink and a bar of chocolate for energy.On our short walks bring a snack and a drink and on the longer walks bring sandwiches etc.for lunch.

Most walks don't visit public conveniences,so if you have a call of nature,drop behind and tell the back marker you will catch up.He will make sure you are not left behind.

Plym Ramblers have a liability insurance and we are covered for damage or injury resulting from our activities to third parties.However,this insurance does not cover individual members against injury etc.This type of cover should,if you wish, be taken out under your own home insurance policy.

We always welcome comments from members on improving the programme we provide and if you have any suggestions please do not hesitate to speak to one of the committee members listed.

At various times of the year we invite members to lead a walk if they wish. There is nothing onerous about this.So if you know a walk that you think members will like please volunteer. There are always experienced leaders,who will assist.   

As a final point we have produced four walk books over the past twelve years and the latest one "On the Beaten Track 4" is available on request. Not only is this a good walking book, it is sold with the whole net profit being given to local charities. Copies are available by phoning 01752 405132 or email 

Any questions about the club can be dealt with by our secretary Chris Bishop on 344048 or our chairman Pamela Kingsland 519452 



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